Tuesday, November 8, 2011

butterflies and deer mounts

I must say at times I do get to be in interesting exhibitions. Donalda Gallery for the Arts held a taxidermy exhibit this fall and amongst critters, artists works were displayed.

This way to the show!

 This painting done by Susan Dahl with a Whitetail deer mount.

 My watercolor nuthatch paintings.

My water-colour paintings and a Mule deer mount.

Two more of my works.

 Atypical White-tail deer; Alberta record holder. A magnificent rack.

Cross White-tail-Mule deer.
Now I know there are those who are against hunting, but in all reality hunters wholly support conservation measures to ensure wildlife for all to enjoy.

For those who love to see wildlife in its natural habitat here is a very live momma Moose and young-un that we saw on our way to retrieve my paintings. Personally I find seeing and photographing wildlife thrilling.

I now take leave with a dusky view of Donalda's large lantern with rising moon. Photo taken in Oct from  Donalda Gallery for the Arts landing.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Mornin' Tess, how wonderful your beautiful art was shown. I guess maybe deer like butterflies and flowers too :) Interesting combination. Beautiful paintings.