Monday, December 19, 2011

Nativity's 2

 Teeny tiny whimsical candle.

A chip off the olde block.

 The character of the people are beautifully painted. This one is dear.

 Exotic wood carving.

 Cast in three pieces but my photo only captured the main one well as I think I was getting pretty tired by the time I saw this one.
 A close up of Mary. I like the pose and how the lights glow by her ear, and yes, I was being artsy when I could.

 Babe in a hammock. To me these look like wind chimes.

It really amazes me that even though some look similar pretty much there were nary a repeat. 

Ah, so much talent and skills presented and depicted.

  Such novelty expressing individual ideas and artistry.

Cast glass form.
There were a variety of glass and crystal nativities which I will not post as I cannot make head or tails of the images due too much reflection from all the lights and busyness of the surrounding nativity's.

I love the little donkeys, don't they look like deer ?

 Nesting eggs. Quite beautiful painting on these.

 Small star about 2 inches tall.

the depiction of halos remind me of butterfly antennae.

 Isn't this one sweet, I remember making a shoe box Nativity years ago similar to this but we used toilet paper rolls for the body and drew a face on it and I am sure the background was most likely christmas wrap with a tinfoil star.

Rugged individual sculpted faces which I find quite intriguing.

The lighting was quite a mix so at times I could not get clear photos as when I used flash it made the colours garish. I hope you enjoyed the second segment, I shall do one more posting of nativity's before Christmas. Big warm hugs to chase away the winters chill.

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