Friday, December 9, 2011

Moose times three plus one

We went out for a bit today hoping snowy owls would gift us with their presence, but alas none did. We did find these three moose though. They stood without moving for the longest time, kinda like when we were kid's and played the "stare down" game. The moose won!
Down the road a bit we came across...
one more moose.

Images were a bit soft last outing so I bumped the definition up a notch and should not have as they came out unnatural looking without adding any definition to details, which was what I was going for. In top shot I underexpose the landscape to attempt to gain detail in the the moose so they would not be dark shadowy blobs. I'm still not happy with the outcome of today's images as details still are sorely lacking which to me says focus is still not correct, so next week I shall make those calls. One to the insurance company and to Canon to see what can be done to turn me back into a happy customer.

We saw huge flocks of geese east of Fort Saskatchewan today; now that's pretty wacky as they should all be further south by now.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!


Red said...

Always like photos of moose.
Geese at this time of year???Not surprising. I've seen geese fly over in extremely low temperatures.

Carol Blackburn said...

LOL, it looks like the 3 moose are getting ready to run a track event. Love it!