Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nativities 2011

Each Christmas there is a Nativity collections display held for three days. It has become ritual for us to attend as not only am I amazed at the variety of Nativity's presented yet also the range of media they have been made from. There were books and carvings of stone and wood as well as some sculpted of clay. Some quilted Nativity's and some knitted, others built of Lego blocks or cardboard. Some are handmade by skilled craftsmen, other are made by children. Some are simplified to basic forms and others factory mass produced. Some are serious and some are humorous.

 Children's Pop-up book, the mule is so cute.

 Tables were set out in the church foyer, which due to construction alterations was a much smaller space this year resulting in only a few hundred or so Nativity's being presented rather than the over four hundred presented last year with nary a repeat. It still took me the full two hours to go through and photograph about 100 of them.

 This one was made by a young child.

These were quite small, it could fit the palm of my hand.

 There were a few Nativity's built inside a gourd. 

 Stained glass. This one kinda confused me as I thought the babe was by the figure on the right but now I realize the babe is the larger white shape, the halo gave it away.

 Folded crinkle paper. I have a beautiful angel whom is placed under the tree this year that was made this way by a dear friend. Under the tree? Yes, my collection of angels and teddy-angels are displayed under the tree as we do not abide the commercialization of the season so the angels are "present".b

 Petit point.

 Adoration, a mothers love.

 Cast or sculpted metal, which was very, very tiny.

 I find this one interesting as the main group is all joined together and the babe apart from.

 I love the bird and seal, and look at the gift presented, a fish, how cool is that.


and hangers.

 Sculpture adhered to glass which gives the the effect of floating.

 Cut from tin and brightly coloured.

 This one is specially endearing, just look at that wee bare bottom sticking up.

 Amazing stitching, so colourful, so skilled, this one is a definite "wow"

and even simpler.
I hope you enjoyed the show. Hopefully I will have time to post more tomorrow, till then big hugs and keep warm with loving thoughts.

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Red said...

Absolutely amazing! Awesome! It's unbelievable the large variety of pieces. Thanks for putting this together for us.