Thursday, February 27, 2014

feeling strangeness upon completion

Have you worked on a long term project so intensely that once it was complete you felt at a slight loss, kind of like, what now?  Thats how I feel presently.

We delivered my 3.5 year nest project to the Art Gallery of St Albert today. Our front sitting room where I've spent the last three weeks inventorying and boxing all the pieces, over 100, is now bare, dusty, but bare. Empty nest syndrome?

I think it may take a few days to realign my thoughts as the past weeks have been consumed with documenting, which entailed photographing, measuring, titling and deciding on price and filling out insurance forms. Its all done, complete.

Its all pretty exciting. Scott Hayes a reporter with the St Albert Gazette came by the gallery, took a few photos and discussed my work with me. I will post the article when I receive it. Like I said its pretty exciting and fun. I'm enjoying the whole concept that the work is being professionally shown; especially since its not just pretty images. I believe the work to be multi-layered and thought provoking regarding important environmental issues, though its not "in your face" its subtle, yet obvious for those who choose to "see". Does this make me an environmental artist? Maybe.

Have a great weekend.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Yes Tess, it does sound like you have empty nest syndrome. That was cute! I know you will find something else real soon to fill the space. Best always,