Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Exhibition coming up and so much still to do

It has been a swift learning curve all-round this winter from the on-line courses I have been taking through the public library as well as recently attempting to figure out how to document and itemize 80 plus hand made nests. I received by email an excel spreadsheet to document title, size, media, and price for the Art Gallery of St Albert which I had no problem opening, but it has taken a bit to figure out how to fill in the info.

I had half the nests documented on my computer with photos but the program went all wacky and the info jumbled up; not once, but twice...arrrgggh! So after a few days leaving it be I began over using an old word program and having to figure out placing the info into cells to contain it with a photo. Of course as its an older program Microsoft has deleted the tutorials as they prefer people buy the updates. Anyhow I've been slugging away and have figured out enough to do the work albeit maybe not in the best fashion but I have to do whatever I can to get this info down and secure and hopefully I won't have to start over again. Only three weeks left before delivery of the work, its all pretty exciting.

On a different note here are two sunrise shots taken through the window this past week.

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Red said...

Good luck on your upcoming exhibition. Keep on taking those sunrise shots.