Friday, August 7, 2009

One more for the upcoming exhibition at The Kings University College in Edmonton this Sept.

Well all birds cannot be pretty but all birds are pretty interesting. So here is my latest sweet lil'bird to awe and amuse. Its not a local Alberta bird but he captured my attention recently and being endeared I had to immortalize him with a portrait.This painting as yet needs a title, got any good ideas? 
I was out at a farm photographing goats when this fella set to screaming and running back an forth the breast of the field like a maniacal sentry warning every creature for miles that a stranger was about. This adorable fella is a Guinea Fowl which is native to Africa yet held in captivity in many countries. I believe farmers keep them as live warning sirens to scare off foxes and coyotes and I read that they love to eat ticks, now thats a bonus. May everyone have a great day and a wonderful weekend. 

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