Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drive around Beaverhills

We did a circle tour along the roads of Beaverhills today starting in the SE we made our way up around the N end then S again.

Just off the highway a ribbon of red caught my eye.

Very little snow left in the stubble, overall its been a pretty dry winter.

Old mud-chink log barn, things I snap when birds are elusive.

We were searching the landscape for...
this fella on the treetop. 
We noticed Snowy kept looking over his left shoulder and though I was not prepared when he lifted off he was beautiful to watch as he did a full circle turn lift off from the tree facing our direction. Generally Snowy owls tend to sit for a long time to conserve energy though I should have realized the way he kept looking over his shoulder into the field that he might be eyeing potential dinner. If I'd been thinking quicker I would have changed settings for a flight shot rather than, but its all a learning experience and makes for a wonderful adventurous day. 

Can you see him? 
Here he, or she is. I shoot with a 300m lens so this shot is greatly cropped for viewing benefit. 
We had hoped to spot a snowy owl today as we saw three last weekend, though I would think they must be moving north by now. On my wish list was the Short Eared Owl and Horned Lark, and we got lucky with a lark.

Wandering down the road they blend in so well that I wonder how many Horned lark we obliviously drove past. Earlier the lark was on me as I saw one fly into a field but no way on earth could I find it even though I had watched it land. Later watching this one scurry along the roadway I realize why they are not so easy to spot. One; they have excellent camouflage for this terrain. Two; they lower their body and sorta scurry-run with heads down.

To send us on our way home was Mr Merlin.
Hope you enjoyed the day, hugs!


john said...

It looks like you had a really nice day. still have not seen a Snowy Owl.

Red said...

Think again about photographing old abandoned buildings. There's an awful lot of color texture and shape to find. I like how the old barn is partly collapsed.
On the other hand some interesting bird pictures! Good to see you posting again.