Thursday, August 23, 2012

Courtly Curlews of Empress

After the first, second and third attempt of editing and applying music to soften the harsh southern Alberta winds static this is what I accomplished. What a learning/cursing curve it was for me, grind teeth, pull out hair, lol; but its completed, even if it did take two days of hitting delete and starting over to figure out the process.
This video taken during our previous Empress trip. I can already perceive where tiny videos may enhance artistic expression and aid in learning bird behaviour.
Enjoy, Hugs!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

traveling alberta

My husband and I have been all over the province this month. Second trip was to Lesser Slave Lake with good friends where we met up at Martin River Provincial Camp for the first night then we migrated to Shaw Point in search of the 40% rain, ha, ha. At Shaw Point we were treated to a wonderful afternoon out on the lake, thanks Fred. The birding was abundant there and Gerald is now into the birding full force with his new little Canon point and shoot camera that outdoes my heavy semi-pro 300m prime lens for long shots. Canon has outdone themselves on that little gem for sure. Now I need a 400m to keep up.

Home for a few days to bake and freeze meatballs, soup, cookies and muffins for the next jaunt and then off to the Blood Rez for for ceremony on the open prairie where days were hot, prayer was abundant and old friends met with. We then camped at Lundbreck Falls for a few nights where it was cooler.  We arrived late at night and as there were no sign in sheets at the registration area and it was raining we pulled into an empty site and slept well. Upon setting up a tarp in the morning to bide in a cup of coffee under cover wouldn't ya know it, just as we are enjoying fresh perk coffee here comes the caretaker bee-lined and a buzzing straight for us grumpily demanding why we did not register last night. "Well" says my sweetie "there were no slips available" whereupon the caretaker says "we don't leave them out when it rains, you should have come to our camp", which by the way was difficult to identify in daylight so there was no way to tell which was his camp at night, we would have been banging on the wrong doors waking the wrong people. Anyhow my sweetie politely says "it would have been nice if you had come over and said, how was your night, hope you slept well, please come register at my camp shortly" well that took him aback and next thing he is all cheerful and best buds telling us where there is a better site to move to, cooler heads prevail, yay.
 I enjoy the area for its birding obtaining wonderful reference photos for our work. I would have liked to stay longer though we had to head to Waterton Park for a day to drop off a few more tiny paintings at Gust Gallery and I am happy to note sales, yay. My sweetie sold one bear painting to a customer while they were being inventoried in; thanks love and a big thank you to those whom purchased the lovely wildlife memories.  Back to the rez that night for the last ceremonies day and later camped at the veterans campsite in Pinchure Creek before heading home as I was pretty tired out.

Home to re-stock with goods then off to the gathering of The Nations of Jasper for a mini-powwow. We gathered more fantastic reference images, especially of loons. We met wonderful people from Sucker Lake Band who were security for our camp and I must say did an exemplary job. They invited us to a feast the last night but as I was having a rough time with my Ehlers Danlos condition and was in too much pain Gerald settled me into bed then off he went to the feast. The mosquitoes were bad at Jasper, no reprieve except during mid day and even then they sought us out if the breeze stilled.
All this out adventure of the back of a minivan, Sheesh no wonder I am so tired out. I wanted to do another camp trip before Gerald's holiday time is up but since my Ehlers Danlos flared the pains almost unbearable so we have been home resting and reviewing images.

I found out the hard way that mini-videos in iPhoto on my laptop don't transfer to my main computer with my photos, of course it was after I deleted the albums from the laptop that the realization struck so have lost video footage other than from Jasper as it was on my last batch. Not only that but on my main computer the older version of iPhoto inputs the videos and I can view them there or in iMovie. The laptop is newer and the newer version iPhoto sucks big time. To input video I have to download separately into iMovie which means extra steps to take to save video which is too bad cause previously before they changed iPhoto and dummied it up with useless crap it was a good program for my use. Sigh, I really need a solid program. Just too tired to do the research right now; maybe I shall take a course at the college to figure out what I need.

 Mergansers on Annette Lake, Jasper

 Juvenile Loons off Pyramid, Jasper

 Elk in golden evening light, Jasper

Loons, Jasper

Enjoy the day with a smile and give yourself a hug!