Thursday, November 29, 2012

On the road again; sing it Willie

View from the road looking away from the coulee, a whole different landscape. As we were leaving we met a photographer waiting for the full moon to rise, oh how I wanted to stay longer but our tummies were growling and we needed to find a camp for the night.

 Forthy five min later we see the moon the photographer was waiting for, and was it ever grand.

 See the smoky haze? It seems no one knew where it was coming from, most just said heat haze but to us it looked like fire smoke haze. Were the sweetgrass hills to the south on fire in late august?
 Down gravel roads that put city pavement to shame, holy cows, we were doing 60k and the hawk was travelling parallel to us. I managed three shots shooting straight out past my sweeties face and the steering wheel then the hawk left us in the dust.
See the reddish glow, well out the opposite window...
was this burning sunset.

1 comment:

Red said...

You really nailed the first shot with the road and wide open spaces. It's beauty that a little old prairie boy never forgets.
You certainly picked and excellent area to do a road trip through.