Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friendship Muse

As mentioned previously, I enjoy making special one of a kind gifts. This is "friendship muse" which was made of course for a close friend of mine. 
Friendship muse is wearing the latests style fascinator (an antique button) atop of her wind-blown tresses. Her face is painted with inktense pencils on material that is used for stiffening material in garments.
Initially I had found a free pattern online for a similar type cloth doll but as with free items there can be a catch, such as the item turning out to not even vaguely looking like the item its supposed to. Anyhow after getting half way through the first doll I realized it was all wrong, so I set down with pencil and paper and drafted my own design. Much more fun. Also this muse needed to stand up and embrace life, no laying around for her.

Today I was looking at fabric bird patterns in a library book and set about to copy a few, but alas my mind never sleeps tending to cause dismay following others patterns as I look at them and see too many unnecessary steps and set about redrawing. I guess I never have been one to draw within the lines, follow rules or patterns set by others, preferring instead to make my own way.
Have a wonderful weekend, hugs!


Red said...

Your a rebel , Tess. I think to be creative you have to follow your own patterns. I really like the exuberance of life shown in this muse.

tess stieben said...

thank you Red, the muse was very much appreciated which made my day giving it extra special.