Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Serendipity at its best.

Have you ever had those circumstances that just seem to "open up" to new possibilities serendipitously?
Well thats whats happened. While perusing kiji I came across an add for quilt batting for  $10- a batt and as I'd been considering making a few quilts in the near future knowing that the last one I made cost about $80 to fill with commercial polyester filling I kindly asked hubby to take me to check it out. Well it was wool batting, wow big score. I bought 6 batts figuring that it would take about 2 and a half batts min to fill a "light" queen size quilt. I also noticed colored felt batts for wool felting crafts, clothes, dolls, whatever, so I enquired finding them to also be $10 per batt. Wonderful woman shows me a doll she was needle felting so I get to thinking maybe I should try some felting, after all I'm game to try new media. I buy 4 color batts, whereupon a few days later I get to thinking that I only bought 4 bright colors, what would I use for contrast? So I call up wonderful lady and ask if she had any left, and she did. She also had a few more quilt batts that I took off her hands as she is moving overseas and needed to rid her excess.

Well the story continues cause now I see an add on kiji for a "trade" of wool that was felted as from a washed quilt and some loose. Once again I ponder that if I make sculptures with wool what better to stuff it with than matted wool. Once again hubby is unknowingly chauffeuring me towards a new adventure. I now meet #2 wonderful lady who kindly enquires what I intend to do with the wool. I proceed to tell her about my projects and next thing I know we are leaving with fabric, colored wool roving and... felting needles, what did I say, serendipity. Oh ya. So for trade I am crocheting her a hat as she liked the one I was wearing and I have needle felted her a hanging "bird nest pod" with the supplies she gave me.

Is that the end of my tale? Oh no tis not. This weekend we go to a reuse sale where I notice that balls of   yarn are 50 cents apiece. There am I digging through bins and bins of yarn looking for funky stuff to add to hats and as notes of funk on intended future sculptures when along comes hubby who was off looking for a small iron for me, he found two but both were kinda iffy condition so we passed on them. Upon returning the irons he finds me with two bags full of oddball yarn yet he also starts digging and finds about 6 skeins of real natural light color merino wool. Wow, so cool, I do so love this man, a true trooper and help mate, besides he says my craftiness keeps me busy and happy and that he likes. About $40 dollars lighter we are headed home.

Next day I decide we shall drop in on another fundraiser sale, this one is just fabric and yarn. Well what do my amazed eyes spy, raw wool, and wool roving, whoohoo, I am on a role and $40 later we head home. Last weekend I sold a painting for $80- and this weekend I reinvested the whole amount on a new venture. Serendipitous!

Needle felted "bird pod"
33 inches from top pointy tip to end of tails. Of course I am never one to start small and easy, no my second project was tiny but as its for the exhibition I cannot post it yet, stay tuned, more fun stuff to come. Ah life is exciting and life with artistic adventures is ecstatic!
So have some fun and create a bit of life's art today.


Red said...

It sounds like you've just given yourself a lot of work or maybe I should say you've found something to keep you busy for a long time. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Kate Fern said...

sounds like an exciting week! This happened to me once when I kept discovering perfect bits of wood at the side of the road that I needed for a sculpture!