Sunday, September 21, 2014

Radium Memory

Home for a week now from our six week camping adventure and I've jumped right into textile work. I have put about 30 plus hours into creating a design for a quilt. It will be a colorful blend of patchwork and appliqué. I've not taken in-progress photos as my computer is maxed out with images that need editing and deleting. What I can show is... …
 The first day of our adventure and two moments after I decide my camera really should be on the front seat, as I turned to reach behind to grab it Gerald says "our first bear" and there it be. Sweet!

 Our second wild encounter was at Radium tourist info station. This well crowned beast soon tired of the paparazzi and sauntered off down the road.

 The light fell fast and the tripod was securely tucked under the truck seat, hence blurry image but as I was after the color idea for reference and not necessarily the clarity of a good photo I chanced a hand held shot.

 Heading back to the campsite we stopped at the lookout to take in the sunset. It was lovely, both below and above.

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