Friday, April 24, 2009

Ancient memories; Cinnamon Teal

Ancient Memories: Cinnamon Teal
Acrylic on 9x9" canvas
This painting will be on display at Donalda Gallery For The Arts in the historic Imperial Bank of Canada Building in Donalda AB. The exhibition runs from May 9th to June 28th. The gallery is only open weekends from noon till 5:30 pm. The exhibition will contain 30 paintings of birds and a few still-life. In conjunction with the exhibition the Bashaw Wood Carvers will display their work. On June 13 the Bashaw Carvers will be giving a carving demonstration and I will be in attendance to greet people and discuss my paintings. 

The ancient memories are the line drawings at the bottom of the painting that are reminiscent of drawings found on old clay vessels. I love to hint at myths and parables in some of my paintings. 

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