Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Devon Exotics

This morning I was busy photographing my paintings which is a very time consuming process as I seem to have trouble getting the reds to photograph well with the other colors I use in my work, seems like if the bold colors come true then I lose the subtle colors in the birds. 
Tonight I was wiring the bird paintings for hanging in the up-and -coming exhibition "Wings Of Creation" only to find I have run out of d-rings so I cannot finish the job tonight. There are only a few days left to get ready as delivery and hanging all happens this saturday. 

"Devon Exotics, Brown butterfly" a 15"x12"watercolor painting on 300lb Arches.
The idea for this painting came when I took photos in the butterfly house at The University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Gardens. I just love going there, once in I can spend hours watching and photographing the butterflies. They have a variety of wonderful gardens to stroll through that are spread out on the 190 acre property. Alpine gardens, herb gardens, and a Japanese Garden.

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