Saturday, May 16, 2009

Digging Up The Ancients

What a weekend its is. We spent part of friday down at the archeological dig at Rossdale that was going on this week where they are looking for ancient aboriginal camps where previously a hearth had been unearthed.  Later in the day we stumbled upon another dig where dinosaur bones were being excavated, pretty interesting day. The digging up of the ancients is a strange thing to witness. I felt a presence near the pits, a sweetness played the air, even the birds took vigilance near by flitting about from tree to tree. Buffalo bones being unearthed at Rossdale.

We spent a couple hours walking the ravine yesterday and today looking for birds and were not disappointed as I captured a Solitary Sandpiper as well as this Spotted Sandpiper.

The butterflies have been out in abundance these last few days.

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