Sunday, May 3, 2009

hanging the Donalda Exhibition

Well its been a busy few days with finishing off paintings, wiring the backs of the paintings, making sure my name and titles were on them, packing them up, transporting to the gallery in Donalda, unpacking, sorting, figuring out what hangs where, putting up tags, whew, now I can relax a few days then get back to painting for my next show.  This is the historical bank building in Donalda where 32 of my bird paintings are on exhibition. 

All I can say is thank you to my wonderful fella who did the transporting and the hanging of the show, he has gotten to be quite the expert at this job. It was so good to see the show up.  People come through to view the art while we were hanging it and two precious young ladies about eight years old came through and had such wonderful comments about the paintings, they made my day so much fuller.A glimpse of the show. You can see the bank vault door on the left and the safe behind the desk. What a unique and wonderful building to be invited to have an exhibition in. The gallery is open on the weekends from noon till 5:30p.m. 

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