Friday, February 19, 2010

beauty in organic demise

Playing with the camera settings. Last summer I bought a Canon 50D and it has been pretty exciting as I challenge myself to learn the fundamentals. I'm not a technical person and I'm numerically illiterate in that numbers do not equate in my brain. They never have, and at this stage in life I believe they never will. So that being said I struggle with numbers representing f stop, exposure, etc. So I keep playing, keep reviewing what I have done and what the end image looks like. The one thing I have going for me is intuitive composition. So all in all I figure I don't do too bad with my handicap as I have been getting some decent shots, though I persevere to do even better.

A black blanket set across a chair behind the flowers gave a plain background to shoot against. Out of about 200 shots these are the best. Flowers past their peak of perfection are far more beautiful than when in fresh full bloom.

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The Artist Within Us said...

Greetings Teresa,

I have photographed in their prime and when they begin to age, even when they have dried, with colour fading.

There is beauty in the demise, sadly many cannot see that even in death, there is honour.

Thank you for sharing,