Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Northern Oriole

Getting closer to completion. I have since darkened the background but don't have the light to photograph it tonight so I am posting this stage. This painting is a challenge to break routine and work on a long narrow canvas. I had purchased two canvas but did not inspect them closely. When I pulled off the plastic wrap I  found one canvas had been stretched on a chipped stretcher bar and it is sadly very noticeable, so that one needs exchanged. It also was to be a birds and blossoms painting. 

I was so excited to capture the image of the Oriole last summer while we were out looking for grouse. A few Orioles flitted about the tree tops. One was brilliant yellow. I am not sure if it was a different type from the Northern or just a variation in color. I was notable to get a good look as it was not as obliging as this fella who came nearer to check us out. The blossoms were so abundant last spring I am so glad I took the time to take a few reference shots.

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