Saturday, July 3, 2010

A watchful eye

Yesterday I was attempting to keep an eye on the baby flicker, but when I went to check on him later he was in the alley close to a lilac bush.
I was precariously standing on the ruble pile looking over the fence to get this shot. People voices emanating from the yard behind the flicker sent it scurrying across the alley. I wandered out to see where he disappeared to and hearing a flutter I spotted it in an open garage where it hid for a short while.

Yes, I feel a bit like a peeping Thomasina peering into other folks garages.

But the shot was a Sweet Deal I could not pass up on. 

A secret garden.

Looking up I see a male Merlin scanning for a meal. The baby Flicker is now hiding right under the Lilac brush which is about thirty feet away from this evergreen tree, so I say a small prayer that the Flicker will stay hid till the Merlin leaves. I know the Merlin is most likely looking for a meal for its own young but I didn't want it  to be my sweet little baby flicker.

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john said...

Great little story with photos. There was a Merlin raising a ruckus here as well. The garage story reminds me of when I chased an owl into the garage of some complete strangers. I think I really frightened the lady of the house.