Thursday, July 1, 2010

still waiting still

Waiting, waiting!
My new (broken) camera is still not back, its pretty frustrating to miss the good shots due to the slow speed of my old Rebel, but man-o-man the Rebel was built well.  I am happy the D50 is getting repaired, but its frustrating all the same; seems it was not my year to buy electronics. I got the crappy camera and the crappy i-mac. I have been attempting to put my photos on disc so I can return the mac, and what a pain to go through 20,000 photos for about the third time. Nothing works right. I finally came to the realization that I have to go through and delete fuzzy shots and make adjustments on only enough for the disc, burn it then start on the next batch. I previously have gone though all these photos and when I went to put them on disc found that old fuzzy already deleted shots were back in i-photo and adjustments and crops have reverted back to the original photo, grrr, its enough to drive a sane person madd let alone someone like me, lol.

Any how enough of the griping, here are some shots taken with my old reliable Rebel.
I kept hearing this strange little bird right outside the window so I ventured out in my PJs to investigate and this is what I found, a baby chipping sparrow.

The parents were busy feeding at least three chicks that were scattered about. I wonder if the storm the other night tossed them from their nest or whether its usual for the parent to have to cover a large area of ground to feed their fledglings. Maybe its safer that way.

The parent made quite a raucous when I ventured round the other side of the house, the reason being this second chick was in the grass. These were taken using a 300mm lense so I was not close to the babies. I don't like to place stress on the birds as its quite a job to take care of these little hungry mouths.

I like this shot, he jumped up out of the grass and posed before he ran along the cement and into dense shrubbery in the neighboring yard. Later I noticed a parent enticing him across the backyard to where the other baby was perched. But a few hours later they had made their way elsewhere and I no longer heard their strange typewriter sounding chirps.

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Red said...

Chips are very active birds when they have fledglings. Once saw one feeding a parasite ...cowbird I think. It was pathetic. The little chipping sparrow feeding the much bigger bird.