Tuesday, June 22, 2010

still waiting

Still waiting for my camera to be repaired and returned. I sure miss the speed of the D50 compared with my old Rebel. The Rebel takes good pics but is soooo slow that its difficult to use for birds or any movement. I had to laugh as at my attempt yesterday of capturing bees at the entrance of a rose, by the time the camera registered the image the bee was no longer there.

Gerald drove me to Donalda on saturday. I delivered the just completed mini-paintings to the Donalda Gallery. I like supporting the gallery, its pretty cool as its situated in a heritage bank building. Its run by the Donalda Arts Society which I know takes a lot of commitment for the small group that persevere to keep the doors open to the public and showcase rural artists work. A grant covers the wages for a  summer student to man the gallery during the summer. Presently there is a wonderful exhibition of Glenda Beavers paintings showcasing fifty years of painting.
Next stop, Heisler, and Mrs Potts Tea Bar and Fine Gift Emporium.  Its quite the happening place that Donna Lynne has. While we were there many people came in for ice-cream being as it was a hot day. Mrs Potts has quality consignments from jewelry to antiques as well as fine art. While there I purchased two circular cut and polished shells to use in a future Retablo. I just cannot resist pretties.

Then onward to say hello to Dave and see if he could spot me a meadowlark down the lane, but the meadowlarks were elusive; not even calling. We saw sheep that went to school, I don't think they were Mary's lambs though.

Later in the day homeward bound touring along gravel roads I spotted a meadowlark. Excitement meshed with frustration due the slow camera speed. But grace was accompanying and I was granted a few good shots that are workable for painting reference.

Savannah Sparrow
Saw many of these sweet little birds on the barbed wire and fence posts.

I believe this is a Vespers Sparrow. Its amazing how it blends into the road gravel.


john said...

Boo hoo, we have no meadowlarks in AK. I sure miss them. In my humble opinion the Western Meadowlark has the nicest song of any North American bird.

teresa stieben said...

My friend swears they respond to "Julie Andrews in the sound of music"

The one I photographed did not have a melodious voice when he opened his beak. I
t was more of a pheeiip sound, maybe it was a warning squawk directed at me to keep my distance.