Thursday, June 17, 2010

pretty in blue

"Pretty In Blue"
My 5th mini-painting in a week. I have been fighting a lot of pain lately due EDS and the meditative quality of painting really helps me get through. All are 5x5 acrylic paintings on artist-quality canvas. I originally was going to go with 6x6 canvas but was informed that 6x6 in the brand I use is student grade and from experience I believe in working on good quality substrates. The first 4 acrylic paintings I completed years back were on student grade canvas. Much later on a trip to Delta, John sold me artist quality; wow, what a difference, previously I thought all canvas was equal aside from quality linen, now I know better and advise not to use student grade. I believe student grade supplies do a great dis-service to budding artists. So much easier to use quality materials and less headaches in the end. This especially goes for paint. I had given up acrylic painting to begin with as I was sold student grade, which is greasy, ugh! And the smell, double ugh! I now use liqitex acrylics as it does not make me feel ill as the others did, though I keep a window open for air circulation when painting as paint off-gases. I am so glad I was informed about Delta Arts in Edmonton as the staff are informed, knowledgeable and helpful. Kudos to a store that takes art seriously. May they be in business for a long time to come.


john said...

Teresa, These are great little canvases. Do you ever paint on gessoboard? I paint almost exclusively on gessoed masonite which I purchase in art supply stores. The smallest size I have seen is 8x10". Sometimes I cut masonite to thesize I desire, and apply several coats of gesso with a foam roller, and light sanding after each coat.

Red said...

I always look forward to your post to see what you are up to. Keep up the good work.

teresa stieben said...

Thank you John, no I have not tried gesso-board. One reason I like using canvas is that I continue the painting right around the sides excluding the need to frame them to show.

Thank you Red, I appreciate knowing that people do enjoy seeing the pieces I complete.