Friday, June 4, 2010

bits and pieces

Yesterday I was going through some small pieces that need framed. I decided to keep the setting of this "Yellow-rumped Warbler" bold by using a colorful mat surround that matches the paint color.
 I will be taking these paintings to the Donalda Center for the Arts this weekend. Its a wonderful gallery space in a historic bank in Donalda about an hour drive from Camrose. I love when we go through the coolies as we usually stop at Ferry Point Crossing for a picnic lunch or supper. My new camera had to be sent back as it was inconsistent and getting worse, so I am going to have to use my old standby, my 6 pix Rebel. I must make note that this first edition SLR Rebel is a fantastic camera, its what I used to capture these images.

"Tattered Splendor"
There is beauty and strength in the butterflies, they keep to their life purpose, though ravaged and tattered they keep on.
I changed up this one, cropped to a tighter composition and splashed more color on. I didn't photograph the original so cannot make a comparison, but this interpretation feels more intimate than the original did.

"Fritillaries Delight" 
this one I finally matted and is now ready to pop into the frame.

"Natures Gift"
This one was painted in two sessions. A few years back my niece gave me this wonderful bouquet of sunny flowers. At the time I loosely roughed the flowers in and had left the background white. Recently I dug it out of my portfolio as I felt it had potential if pushed further. So yesterday I pushed and played with color. I am quite happy with the end results.

Wishing all a big smile and a warm hug!


john said...

I really like these paintings. Especially Tattered Splendor. I never would have thought to do a butterfly like that.

teresa stieben said...

I have used tattered butterflies in a few paintings that I have done. Impressive creatures they are sporting a combination of strength and delicate fragility.