Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blessing of a special day

It's been an interesting day. I went for a drive with Gerald in the afternoon and what do my wondering eyes spy? Very Strange Looking Pork!
This was the best shot I could get of piglet with a bushy looking mom. 

My camera is acting up and refusing to focus properly in either manual or auto-focus which makes it challenging to achieve clear shots; of course the one year manufacturers warranty is just up, but thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty as this camera definitely has to go back. 

These little geese have fared the snow-storm we had this weekend quite well though sadly it may have taken a tole on small song birds. I love how sweet and soft baby geese are at this age. 

It snowed all night yet today carried rain and wind with a few rare sunny spots. I am so glad we weathered the rain drops as this next shot is of a Surf Scooter and I was told its a rare appearance to see
them here so I consider it an extra special gift.

Next we were treated to a Grebe mating display. I am so in awe of this joyous day filled with natures delight. The gifts of Creation are a blessing. I pray that our great-grandchildren will someday be able to experience these blessing of nature, though with all the oil being spilled we will lose much of our sea bird population at a faster rate than ever should be. I somedays think Creator must shake her head in dismay at the likes of our kind. I know I do.

May your days be filled with the small blessing bestowed by nature.

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