Monday, May 3, 2010

Redtails and Geese

 A rough week was topped off with a wonderful weekend as Gerald took me out birding. The hawks and geese are moving north so we saw quite a few out around the Camrose area. We went out to the reservoir where there were American Avocets, ducks and geese of all sorts, yellow legs and a few killdeer. Most of my shots were crap as there was just too much distance between me and my intended's. Also there was a thickness in the air that seemed to distort the images causing great pixelation. Twice we witnessed Redtail Hawks with prey. This one was busy plucking a Greater White Fronted Goose which looked to be about twice his size. Look at the scattered feathers. This is a cropped shot.

These are Greater White Fronted Geese on the opposite end of the prairie pothole from the hawk, also a cropped shot. Many of them were keenly watching the hawk tear apart there flight buddy.

Flock of Geese against the moody sky. 


john said...

Although it is a distant view, it is still a great shot of the redtail with it's prey.

teresa stieben said...

This was the best shot, the rest were not clear enough to crop down. I was using a 300mm lens, but there is set distance that these birds are comfortable at, and my lens is usually a bit shy of that. Regardless I do have the wonderful experience of the event. I will post a drive by shooting which to my amazement captured a not to bad shot of another hawk with prey.