Tuesday, May 4, 2010

spring storm

The trees have started to leaf out, flowers were beginning to bloom close to houses so now its time for our yearly spring blizzard.
Fresh snowfall.

Birdbath, brrr.

Snow hitting window.

And to finish off with a little color, a stained glass on a snow glass window. I love the soft blur, kinda fits with the day as one cannot see far with the snow blowing and spinning across the landscape. Its a good day to be inside snug and warm, drinking hot cocoa and creating. May you all have a blessed day filled with love and creation. 


john said...

Beautiful photos. The top two look like paintings.

neva gagliano said...

wow!!! i'm in the glory of the cascading lilacs, and you in the glory of new snow!!! wow... i always think i'm so far north...but ALBERTA!! TOPS THAT.