Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drive-by Shooting

As we were driving I spotted these birds, placed my camera out the window and started rapid fire shooting as we have from experience found that the hawks rapidly take flight if we stop.
As it was the hawk took to wing anyhow, but I kept my trigger finger busy. This shot is cropped.
This fella was apparently amidst a meal, which he took with him, to the fence post.
Here he paused momentarily before once again taking flight across the fields. It looks like he was dining on a big  ground squirrel. This shot is cropped in half as well. I was using a 300mm lens. The shots worked far better than I would have imaged they would for a drive by shooting. Just look at that beautiful rusty tail. I think this image would make a good painting.

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john said...

How wonderful it is that you shot the hawks with a camera, rather than a gun.