Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to the Great Horned Nest

Went to check out the Great Horned Owl again, through the branches I was able to pinpoint some eyes peering out at me. My camera is doing strange things but I was lucky to get a few decent shots. Realize though that this nest is high up in a very tall tree and its hidden so well. These photos are highly cropped of the young one.
First off I spot one of the parents poised, scanning for quarry. It is so amazing that when they fly their wings make no sound. I have heard when they buzz your head that all you feel is a rush of air. Supreme stealthy hunters of the air.
Next I scan for the nest and am gifted with this sweet fuzzy thing peering out at me.

And best of all this capture made my evening.

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Gary Keimig said...

nice pictures, Teresa. Hope there will be a painting coming from them. Our neighbor has a hay barn that is open on three sides with pole trusses as support and every winter a Great Horned Owl couple call it home and raise a new brood on those beams. By sneaking up to the barn I am able to get a quick picture befor they take wing though during nesting time I leave them alone. I have gotten other great pictures of them in surrounding trees and on my place too. It is pretty neat to listen to them during the winter but they do keep my welfare cottontails down to a minimum.