Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Walk in a Prairie Wood

A fun piece I did for the calgary show at "The House". Titled "Emu Surprise"
Its a combination multi-media piece that started its existence as a photograph. I played, had fun and altered it extensively. I was going through some old sketchbooks and came across fish drawings I did a few years back while sitting in front of my son's aquarium. I thought how fun to have fish float by. Last year I was surprised to find an emu in a field of goats and sheep while on one of our picnic drives.

I have been in a weird space presently so I have decided to give myself a break and play. I found some cut wood forms at a garage sale to make cute figures of angels and a standing boy or girl, but of course I am not one to follow instruction so I have been gathering material to turn it into a multi-media yard sculpture. I will post images once I get going.

Went for a wonderful walk on monday and captured a few birds.
A red-necked grebe on a floating nest in the middle of a prairie pothole. The mate was grooming close by, yet due distance being too great the images were blurry. I figure it was luck to get this shot.

The birds were singing in abundance yet were very hard to spot amongst the dancing leaves. I spent about 20 minutes watching this f purple finch nest making, from this point it looks like lace. 

This regal m purple finch set upon this branch for quite awhile, it's close to where the industrious female was nest building so they might be mates.

And the most exciting capture of the day was for me this male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. We did not see a female but with all the calling back and forth I am sure she was nearby. 

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