Monday, May 17, 2010

delightful weekend yields photogenic moose

 After dropping off my paintings and my daughters pigment print photos at the Chuck Maclean Art Center on saturday we headed to Michelon Lake for a picnic. As we entered the park I had my ever vigilant eye open searching for birds when lo and behold here was a moose right off the side of the road. There was also a young moose further back in the brush where I could not get a clear view.
We snapped a few shots of mom and went on up the road for lunch; on the way back mom moose was now having lunch at the road-side cafe.
The greenery by her face is a branch she was chomping on. I had my 300mm lens on the camera, I was not this close, really. The baby was now in the brush near the campsites on the opposite side of the road, still no clear shot, though there was a lady in the bush moving in closer to the moose to get real close shots, I figure she could be asking for trouble thinking that they are tame. Not me I like to keep a safe distance, after all, even baby is taller than I. 

Well my day was made!
Yet it was to be topped.

We drove around to the north of the lake and what do we see....
another moose!
She gave us a good photo shoot then walked off into the brush, then as we are driving away what do we see but this...

Baby stepped out of the brush, I was able to get off a few shots before baby joined mom and disappeared into the brush. What a day, I still have a big smile on.

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Four Seasons in a Life said...


I have never seen a moose, adult or child, other then in books, so I consider this to be a rather special and meaningful encounter for you.

Thank you f or sharing,

PS: Thank you very much for your visit and comment to my last posting. -e