Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 more mini paintings

"Morning Star Fox"
There is a den under a patio in Camrose. When I got out early for a walk around the lake one day an older fella told me to walk at  5am and I would see a fox and kits. Well I can barley move at 5am let alone venture outdoors. Wonderfully one day I was graced with this young upstart who refused momma fox heeding and sat outside the den in the morning sun long enough for me to get a few fuzzy shots.  I was quite a distance away on the opposite side of the lake when I spotted him and by the time I got close he had vanished under the decking. 

"The wind through the forest" Pileated Woodpecker
I have been wanting to paint the Pileated woodpecker for some time now. It was difficult deciding on the background as my canvas base color is a bold cadmium yellow which although did not take away from the bird, did nothing for it either. After a few tries at backgrounds that did not satisfy I finally decided on warming it up with azo yellow and cad orange, underneath is also cad red which helps with the warmth.  Now I believe it works.

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