Friday, November 5, 2010

Wind Riders

Click on this photo and look at the red circle.

A closer look at what is within the red circle. I was amazed at the para-sailors who ride the wind so far out. This one was way to far out to enjoy watching by the naked eye, I could really only see him through my 300mm lens. Taken on the the west coast of Vancouver Island

This shot taken on Sechelt Peninsula, This wind rider kept close in to shore which made the ballet of movement enjoyable to watch as he used his body weight to shift and turn the sail.  

Flight of the oyster catcher.
Meditation: Black Oystercatcher.
I wonder why they call them oystercatchers rather than oyster-pickers, its not like oysters have a chance to run and hide. I read that they will eat oysters yet prefer limpets which they pry off rocks.
They have the most amazing yellow and orange eyes which match their bill color and strangely pinkish legs.



Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Teresa. Love those long orange beaks on the oyster catchers.

teresa stieben said...

yes, I have been wanting to get images of them for about 4 years now, so it was pretty exciting to achieve that goal. The bills are so amazing in coloration, I believe they would look good painted on a long narrow canvas.