Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ferries and Fireworks

When we arrived at the dock in Little River we were informed the Ferry to Powell River had an overload of vehicles awaiting boarding. About 20 cars after us got on with 3 vehicles left behind. If staff actually parked cars as they used to, rather than just letting everyone stop where they are comfortable stopping, no one would have been left behind as many cars had ample excess room befor and aft of them.
In the company of Crows
We ride the Queen of Burnaby
her salt rust stains displayed for artists/photographers to admire.
Past a seal
towards the scenic other coast line.
 Content to investigate, seeing anew that seen before
 while salt breeze toy with the imagination. 
Arriving in time for viewing
fireworks during blackberry festival in Powell River.

I noticed a sailboat harboured close to the fireworks barge, I wonder how many sparks left a charred imprint of blackberry festival on its deck and sail cover?
Wishing beauty, love and hugs for all. 
Share the joy, share the love, share a hug worldwide.

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