Tuesday, October 19, 2010

west coast

We decided to venture overland through to Lake Cowichan yet somehow missed the turn to the campsite and as the day was young and the air smoky we decided to travel futher inland with the goal of camping on the west coast of vancouver island to hopefully evade the incoming smoke which was bluing the atmosphere. On the way we made a few stops as neither of us had traveled that roadway before.
 Somewhere past Lake Cowichan we stopped so I could photograph logged out areas, I was interested in capturing the effect from the BC wildfires which created a very blue haze.

This is a close-up-long-shot of a clear-cut. I felt sad seeing how badly these forests are slashed right up the mountainsides. I wonder if there enough trees left to even call the coast of BC a rainforest anymore.

We stopped to visit an old tree.
 My sweet man and the old wisdom tree.
 Looking UP!
And UP!
To think at one time there were many giant trees in our forests which the original peoples farmed with integrity by taking roots for baskets, bark to use as rain repelling clothing, balers and baskets and housing planks cut from the trees with out ever taking their life so that the tree could continue to give for generations. Amazing sustainability and forward thinking. Yet with all the technology there is today these forests are now slaughtered clear-cut and at this propelled rate will never be sustainable. I think it must be lonely for these old giants to be so few left.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Great photos, Teresa. I love trees of all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. It was a driving force for me when locating to move to Maine with all it's trees. My husband says that if mankind died off the forests would reclaim the land totally in about 100 years. You can see evidence of that theory when you see a tree growing out of the side of a ledge or up through the asphalt in an abandoned factory yard. I feel terrible when I pluck out new tree growth from my yard when seedlings appear where I don't want trees. I try to transplant as much as I can. Enjoy your day, Teresa.