Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our next pull-off was to grab a few images over a log bridge which had big pullouts on either side for vehicles. I really would have taken a few shots of the extremly-long-old-single-lane-log bridges we crossed further on but in most places we found people drove quite fast and to put it bluntly very ignorant towards others safety on this stretch of road.

 View from the bridge
 Spirits in the water, looks like a sea-lion face.
 My shadow to the right, it was a long drop.
 An interesting white rock that looks like a female face in profile.
 One more scenic view from the bridge.
A clear-cut valley.
While photographing the above stream we actually had a red-neck driver swerve  towards us which not only was unsettling it also kicked up gravel and stirred up a mini-dust storm that covered us, so naturally I was not going to put myself in position to get run-over just to photograph very interesting bridges no matter how much I would have liked.

Pacheedaht, Port Renfrew

The rivers mouth. The gulls all lift as an eagle flew over.

I wish we made the time to find out the story of this memorial that remembers an honoured person. But I was getting hungry and crabby so we needed to find a campsite for the night. 
I admire the workmanship.
We drove down to the shore where there was a beautiful campground where all the ocean spots were filled and the few spots vacant in the bush had no picnic table or even a log to set our campstove on, also the outhouses had no doors attached so we headed on over a long narrow single-lane bridge that crossed the sea channel to Port Renfrew. A lot of fishermen camp in this area as most campers had boats or boat trailers attached.
This was the road into the campground, sea-clouds were moving in quickly obscuring the ocean view.

The doves and Stellar Jay were photographed in Port Renfrew.

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