Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Special Gift, I found a few of my grandfathers negatives.

My grandmother nursing. (I love this image of Motherhood)
My Mothers father was a professional photographer way back when. I was told he photographed people while they made their way across Canada from the east to the west. Sadly though while he was driving through the mountains of BC he had a car accident which caused a head injury whereupon he had to be institutionalized some time after that, leaving my grandmother (who traveled by train) to raise ten children on her own. My mother was about three years of age at that time, so she never knew her father. 
 I found these three large old negatives amongst the ones that my daughter rescued, They are too large for my negative scanner so I placed them on the bed, scanned and hoped for the best. Though the tops and bottom of the image is cropped by the scan it captured the main focus area. 
Grandma and the first five?
I have no clue as to where this is taken.
Its strange to go through old negatives and realize that there is so much that was unspoken, not told regarding family history and heritage. I know some people can trace lineage way back which I believe gives one a sense of who they are, yet I was always told "let sleeping dogs lie" Information was never forthcoming so after awhile I gave up asking, yet I have never given up wondering.


Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful post, Teresa. Old photos can be such fun to look at. And, if there isn't a story to go with it, you can always use your imagination.

-Don said...

How exciting! I know it must be fun watching these images appear as you scan them. I'm glad you've never quit wondering...


john said...

I grew up knowing, or caring little about those who were before me. Recently I found out that both my parents, my paternal grandfather, great grandfather, and great, great grandfather, all wrote autobiographies. Now I feel that I really know these people, including the often shocking family secrets. Too bad my grandmothers never wrote about themselves. I hope you make sure that your progenetors know who you are.