Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The gift, new version

Here is the new version of "The Gift".  I am happier with it now as the majority of time these little yellow warblers are elusive as they dart amongst the new spring greenery. The painting is now truer to what I was working to capture.
This is the previous version, though it had simplicity it did not feel forest like.


Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful, Teresa. I know exactly what you mean about these little birds. They are so much fun to watch but try to photograph them and you need the patience of a saint and the stillness a statue.

john said...

A definite improvement on a lovely painting.

teresa stieben said...

Thanks John, I do appreciate your input as a wildlife artist; glad you feel its improved. It can be good to delve back into paintings that feel unresolved, even though my daughter hates that I do, I am sure on her artistic venture in life she will soon understand.

Carol its an exciting moment to capture warblers. When we went out in spring we could hear the most delightful song in the forest, yet we could not locate its origin. Finally I stood in place for about 15 mins before I glimpsed a flash of yellow darting amongst the brush. It amazes me that such a brilliant yellow blends so easily into the forest. I wonder is it cause they resemble sunlight dapples?