Friday, October 1, 2010


The temp was too hot for comfort for a few days while we were in Naniamo. We were very glad to have the use of my sister & hubbies home for the weekend, thank you both very much, as the basement bedroom was nice and cool. We laid back, relaxed on the deck, took in a few thrift stores where I garnered a wonderful book "The Art of Ogden M Pleissner" and we walked the Naniamo Harbour as it cooled in the evening. First photo by G. Delorme. I had my birding lens on and was too lazy to change to wide angle, so I have swiped is image.
 And the other side...
This wonderful carving "Dancing with the Eagles" was near the entrance of Maffeo Sutton Park on the Naniamo Harbour Walkway. We were told its being raffled off; would this ever look fab in our front yard. 
The changes in this area of Naniamo are an improvement to the boarded up old arena I remember from when I used to stroll with my son and cousins in the Harbour area years ago. My only objection is I don't agree with pay parking for a central public park, thankfully we hit it lucky as parking was free that evening, a small gift to be grateful for. 
Following other sculpture that adorn the area.
Generations by Daniel Cline, in honour of women.
I love the duality of this tribute sculpture with eagle on one side, bear on the other.
Not too sure about this one.
Many people were out strolling the pathways ice-cream in hand, some stretched out on the grass listening to musicians play while keeping an eye on young children that scampered about. Fishermen, women and children were baiting and casting to the splashing of fish. Adding to the enjoyment of the night we crossed a small footbridge and peered into the shallows to view crabs and minnows chasing into the lengthening shadows cast into the lagoon.
Setting sun illuminating the float planes. You can see the forest fire smoke haze in the sky.
I sat and we chatted with carver D George Alex as I was drawn to his beautiful carving of "Eagle Carrying the Sun on its Back". I did purchase the carving as well as a ting humming bird carving which now hang where I can view them each morning upon waking. 
A walk in the Harbour would not be complete without at least one heron basking in the golden glow.
The Naniamo Pirate, Mayor Frank Ney by Jack Harman.
Frank was mayor when I lived in Naniamo a few year back and he really did dress like a pirate for public events garnering much attention for Naniamo and the now famous bathtub races that are held each year. This statue is near Swy-a-lana-lagoon.

Banner adorning lamp standards near the Millstone River footbridge. There were many fishing the mouth of the river alongside opportunistic seals who were always on the ready to steal the catch away.
Part of a large mural painted underneath the road overpass. Shot from the footbridge using the railing for support. The failing light gave an almost haunting quality to this image due the blur from slow shutter. Its not a good photo but I like the effect.
Heading back to my sister & hubbies abode we saw one more special sight.
The perfect finale.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Great shots, Teresa, all of them special in their own way. Love the sculptures.......... Looks like a beautiful day.