Sunday, October 17, 2010

Little burros have a home

 Magic of Magnificence
 Mirror of Psyche
This fall these two mini-burro paintings went home with D Slimm a carver friend and
I received this wonderful hawk carving from him. Earlier this spring I was hinting to Gerald that I really wanted this carving for my B-day and it ended up that Dave liked the little burros, so we gifted each other and I must say that I am very happy with my gift. I feel nicely spoiled with all the beautiful carvings received this summer. First with our buying the Eagle and hummingbird then dear friends of ours gifted Gerald and I each a beautiful wood carving, mine is otter floating on his back and Gerald's is a sea-lion capturing a salmon, both which we love and will soon be hung beside my whale carving in the hall. Any craft made by loving hands are cherished in this family. 

The Wind Through the forest; Pileated Woodpecker
Pretty in Blue
These two mini paintings sold through Donalda Gallery this summer, which also put a smile on my face as it means more art supplies funded, wahoo!, yes I do get excited for small blessing in life. 
Its been a while since I had put brush to canvas as we were traveling for five weeks then the unpacking and settling in has taken longer than I anticipated. its been great fun, yet all in all its good to settle down and get back to painting. I have spent the last month examining a few of my larger paintings and decided to start in on them again. (My daughter hates it when I do this) In all honesty though one was just completed before our trip and now that I have had time to digest I find it flawed. One was completed two years ago and I never had the courage to go back into it till now, and one was painted in the spring but has been struggled with, and the fight is ongoing. I am learning by re-painting at least one of the three, the other two hopefully are improving, though time will tell wether the effort is worth it or not. Once I complete (though nothing is safe if it sits around too long) I will post the earlier and later versions for comparison.
Laugh Love and Live, Hugs,


Vickie said...

Love these brilliant acrylic paintings, and your mutual gifting is a lovely practice. On the unfinished pieces, I also have some watercolors that I still intend to finish. Two of them, both started in 2009, with some aspect that caused me to back away for a while. Yesterday I ordered some Aquacover, the liquid that repairs the white when scrubbing won't take enough of the mistake out. Experiment. One one painting, it's a background issue, and I don't want to start over because I love the tree branch results. So I'm trying something new. And you are right, its a perfect way to practice.

john said...

Love the little paintings and the wood carving. It's good to learn that I'm not the only one who feels compelled to endlessly re-work the paintings that dont sell fast enough. I have saved many of them that way, while others are lost causes.