Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beach tour and open artist studios

Canada Geese
Our next stop on our hidden beaches tour took us to Mallard Way. 
The trail was a rocky steep path that was quite hidden and sprouting undergrowth yet still discernible. The path came out onto a Rock bluff. The route to the lower rocky beach was quite steep so I enjoyed the wonderful view from the rocky ledge.

Smoke haze in brilliant afternoon sun. I hear most photographers like to avoid the harsh lighting of mid-day preferring the "golden hour of dawn or dusk". As an artist I personally love the stark contrasts of light to shadow that mid-day beholds. 
Sailing on Faith.
Light on the sea.
Patterns of Arbutus.
Dogwood, probably an imported garden variety as the wild ones bloom in early spring.
Upon leaving the beach we headed up-island and spotted this wee fella standing at the edge of a driveway, at first glance I took it to be a yard statue, then out of the corner of my eye I saw movement so we backtracked and captured some sweet little shots. Momma deer was just down the road a bit though did not get a picture of her as she was scared into the bush by noisy people walking the road who never even saw her cross in front of them, or maybe they are so used to seeing deer they pay no mind.
All along the route were "open artists studios" signs, you can imagine my excitement, whoo-hoo I figured we hit the jackpot. Where this statue sits signs at the base of the driveway pronounced the studio "open" then further up was a "welcome" sign, yet the studio door was locked and none came to see to us. We stood around a bit then ventured towards the house entry when startlingly an automated water sprinkler came on preventing entry unless we wanted a shower. Still no one came out. We found this to be a common theme not only on Vancouver island but also in the interior of B.C. which was very frustrating and gives artists a bad name. Further on we did find an open house reception going on at one quaint studio. I admired the artists work and was interested in a purchase so the attendant brought the artist aside to meet me. The artist was pompous, treating us as though we were ignorant to art; first mistake on his part, then someone he knew came through the door and he abandoned us mid-sentance of a question I was asking, another rude mistake. We politely viewed the rest of the exhibition then left.
Two potential sales opportunities lost within half an hour of each other. I hate to admit but this was standard fare for the island open studios, on the average one out of four studios posting "open" signs were actually open.
And to finish on a good note, here are a few more images from the beach tour.
Color splash by the way-side.
Have a great day!


Gary Keimig said...

great blog Teresa. Love what you are doing

teresa stieben said...

Thank you, it is interesting to re-live the memories as I sort through photos and jot down notes form our month long journey.

john said...

Great photos in the last two posts. Especially the panoramas of the rocky coast. It's hard to believe that those artists were condescending or unavailable. I think they just need a little training about how to promote yourself, and your artwork.