Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is it finished?

Summer Storm, Red-tailed Hawk
Is this one finished?
I glazed thin mixes of gel/color across the background to push it back. Detailing added to clouds and glazes over the hawk to subdue it into the rainy landscape. I then added more foliage to the foreground.
Its hard to get the colors right on in the photo but its fairly close though the rusty color may be a bit too prominent in this photo than what is real.

This was how this painting sat for almost 2 years before I gained the courage to delve back into it. The problem I fought was how to add depth and capture the moody gray-blue rain squall against the brilliant fields. So in the interm I tackled a large painting of grebes on the water with misty blue-grays and ended up totally destroying the canvas, it was horrible, hence my hesitation to continue on with the red-tailed hawk. All said and done though I did learn with the Grebes what not to do. Not sure if I should push this further with more glazing or leave it be. Anyone willing to critique? 
Please understand that my feelings won't be hurt by honesty.
Hugs to the World!


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Teresa, let me go out on a limb here for you and first of all say I like the idea you have but now find that in the latest piece the hawk gets lost in the squall. I liked it better when he was more prominent. Can you lighten the image of the squall around him? I get the impression he is hurrying home to beat the storm but in your newer version he's not going to make it...........

teresa stieben said...

Thank you Carol for your comment. By what you noted I feel that I have accomplished the mood I was hoping to capture. Storms can sweep up so fast here one does not often make it to cover before the rains hit. Thanks, big hug to you!