Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jaun de Fuca and a heart for Egmont

We camped overnight at Jaun de Fuca campground and after a hearty breakfast ventured down the trail which contained 250 steps along the path down to China beach where the day whisped away on the salt breeze while we photographed waves, gulls and hermit crabs. Being happy childlike explorers in a wonderful sea-weed adventure we overstayed well past checkout to later find a note on the vehicle requesting another nights fee. Gladly we obliged welcoming the extra time to soak in the scent of fern and cedar.
This looks like a travel photo; actually there was a photographer taking shots of this couple strolling the beach so it was either being set up for a travel shoot or as is popular these days maybe on location engagement photos. Either way they caught my attention. I seldom take people shots, I usually attempt to avoid them in my photos but I'm glad for the exception here as I like the silhouettes against the sea-mist.
When I photographed this stone-heart which was on the trail I gave thought to Egmont who has a few wonderful blogs which I heart-ily enjoy and miss dearly when he's not blogging.
The receding water on the sandy shore line reflect the sky while the waves reflect the tree line, love the contrast.
Keeping a watchful eye out for...
Its amazing but the gulls seem to know when the eagles are coming as they lifted skyward before we even saw the eagles cross the tree-line.
Its a hardy breed who fish the open waters as swells can be forty feet high, sure would not catch me out there.
Thank you those who have post comments, I do appreciate the kind notes.
Big hugs, share the love and kindness worldwide.


Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Teresa,

Congratulations on finding a heart shaped stone and what makes this stone special is its size. Being rather small it is easily overlooked and therefore it is very special and should be treasured.

Thank you for thinking of me when you found your stone. I have been rather behind and I am actually returning to cardiovascular rehabilitation in a little over a week since improvements all these months have been marginal.

However I have been preparing for posts on my blogs but for now have been focusing on Miss Kitty's blog.

Wishing you all the very best,
Ms Kitty and Egmont

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful shots, Teresa. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

teresa stieben said...

The wonderfulness of this stone is that I photographed it and left it for someone else to discover; and as it is on a log near the path to the beach I envision a smallish child eyes wide open discovering this forest heart and thrilling in the find. Gifts are to enjoy and to share, share the love, share the joy.