Monday, October 11, 2010

Ancient Art

The blood sky reflections across the water.
The sun rising through the wild-fire smoke that was heavily drifting in across the ocean made for a beautiful view, yet the smoke along with the heat of the day also made for uneasy breathing.
The rising sun peeking through. These images were taken from my sister and hubbies dining room window. They have a scenic view of the ocean where they can sit sipping coffee and watch the sea-planes and ferries come and go.
Over the rooftops.
Another shot of ocean reflecting light as the sun rose higher.

After  fuelling up on coffee and porridge we headed south from Naniamo to check out the Raptor Centre detouring on the way for a stroll through Petroglyph Park. The carvings are worn and have faded greatly since my Dad first took me to view them many years ago. Also some I remember that used to be along the path seem to no longer be there, either removed or vandalized at some point I guess.
These rock carvings are among some of my earliest recollections of inspiration and awe of drawing. To this day they still elicit awe and wonder of the artist who carved them. 
On the left is a flounder, a flat fish of which there were two carved into this rock. I remember many small flounder skitter quickly across the sand when disturbed by our childhood fun of splashing and playing about in the shallows. The flounder tended to blend into the sand well due coloration which made them harder to catch in our hands than the minnows which would be captured and held hostage for a short time in our pails, though we were careful not to keep them too long. The carving on the right resembles a deer, though on the sign it seemed there be discrepancy as to whether its a deer or a bird.
This may be a shaman.
I would have liked to capture a clear image of the sea-wolf, but it was elusive as were others that could not be seen clearly due to mosses growing over the rocks, fallen leaves, some vandalism and strong dappled sunlight. 
Next post will be about the Pacific Northwest Raptors. 
Hugs to warm the soul!


Carol Blackburn said...

Great photos, Teresa. My grandson will surely love seeing those petroglyphs after school today.

Red said...

Teresa, I just found a rather interesting blog where the guy was a professional photographer and has some interesting art photography. He's going to start putting it on his blog. You might be interested in taking a look at it.