Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roadside Conversation

Finally getting around to posting the piece I submitted for "The Road to Emmaus" Exhibition presently showing at The House in Calgary. I definately have fun and enjoy the challenge of creating images on themes presented by various shows. 
This is the Emmaus Fine Arts yearly group show which travels to requesting churches for the rest of the year.

Media: Textile fabric collage, photo pigment printed on cotton, acrylic paint, embellished with machine stitching, antique buttons, ribbons, brass bells and a brass heart.
Dimensions: 33” x 12.5”

Roadside Conversation
Two buddies trudge along the roadside, the receding sun enveloping into twilight the dark events that took place only a few days before. A stranger overtaking them intercedes their conversation, questioning, prying their torn hearts, interloping on their grief. Out of courtesy do they speak, telling the stranger of hope of rescue crucified with their prophet. The stranger reiterates prophesies of scripture, moreover, reprimands them of faltering faith and their lack of acknowledging the women who spoke of the empty tomb. Was it not foretold, he asks. 


john said...

That really is a bargain basement price for a fine piece of art.

Red said...

Pretty neat title! Took me a while to get it but I think it refers to a conversation Paul or somebody had with a sinner of course on the road to Emaaus.
Really like your colors.

teresa stieben said...

I have now posted the write up submitted with the piece. Its about Jesus after his crusifiction and the conversation he has with two of his grieving followers who do not initially recognise him while trudding olong the road to Emmaus.

Thank you for your comments, Hugs!