Sunday, April 3, 2011

Successful Opening

Here is my textile piece that is now being shown at Alberta Craft council in Edmonton Alberta.
The opening reception yesterday was wonderful with many artists present. My dear friend Mary came up from Calgary as she also has a piece in the exhibition. The thought and diversity that have gone into the works that were juried in is amazing to say the least, I am thoroughly impressed and pleased to be showing in this historic exhibition. This is one show that is well worth seeing and hopefully it will be able to be shown in other places as a movement of artists visually expressing reverberations from government arts funds slashing.

Thanks to my sweetie for being a wonderful cameraman and capturing the moment so that I could mingle, meet other artists and the staff of the art gallery who by the way have done a wonderful job on this exhibition.

The previous night Gerald and I went to see the Forest show at the Mcmullen Gallery juried by the ASA.  At that show thought they are quality works I found myself disappointed by the lack of diversity.  I had expected the show to behold a forceful environmental theme that would make people really think, but aside from one piece which held a tree shaped air freshener which by the way is an outstanding piece wonderfully thought out and presented, the rest were just a bunch of "nice" forest paintings.


Carol Blackburn said...

How nice to get to see your dear friend. Looks like you were enjoying yourself.

Red said...

I would certainly like to see these and hopefully they will come to Red deer.
Cuts to arts is a never ending story with this Govt.

john said...

From my perspective, Canada seems to have a vibrant art culture. Around these parts, art is almost a shameful activity. Zero public interest. Government acts like art is something to be supressed. That attitude will probably spread down your way as well.

-Don said...

Congratulations on being involved in this juried event. Your work looks wonderful, and it's nice to finally put a smile to the eyes. It's always nice to have a cameraman along...


teresa stieben said...

Thank you all for your comments.
John this show is about visual opposition to government cutbacks to the arts. Sadly the cutbacks have effectively quashed some big public traveling exhibitions and artists projects.

It seem that governments in either country do not appreciate the arts, and one must question why as governments continue to suppress creative thinking and creative doings. Are we becoming malleable drones or as artists is it up to us to educate and insist on availability of the arts to the general public to be upheld?