Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slacking Not, Camera issue reruns!

Busy as a bee. My front room is looking like a gallery storehouse as the work piles up in preparation for my two upcoming Solo shows. I have not posted the latest paintings as my magnificent camera is back in the shop.

Renegade camera has been gone for four weeks and I've only this week received word that extended warranty okayed the job and granted Canon approval to now start repairs. There is a catch to it all, for if said camera requires more work than initially estimated then the frigging process of getting an okay to work on it starts all over again. If I knew when I bought my camera that the insurance company Vistek deals with was so slow I would have bought elsewhere. I will buy elsewhere for major camera essentials from now on as this is the third time I have taken the camera in; the second time the manager arrogantly suggested the problem was me and not the camera and he didn't send it in, he gave it to all the employee's to try out instead, is this proper protocol? Hence as it worked fine for them they concluded me as the fault, not withstanding that I had said it was an intermittent problem, that when it worked it was great, but not reliable as its tendency to jam and record, nothing, or a black screen. Then I would have to turn camera off and on or pop battery out and then back in and try again, meanwhile the bird I was photographing has now flown the vicinity, grrr!

I searched on-line to see if others had this same problem of the 50D jamming in use and found recorded issues of problems I stated. One person bless them stated to take down and record the error number that comes up when the camera faults. Now why did I have to search online for this information, why did not the people at Vistek tell me to record the error number? So back camera went to Vistek with the error code noted. I saved for a year to buy what I expected to be a good camera and expect it to work and if there are problems because I paid extra for warranty coverage I expect faults to be remedied in due time, not months later. This has become a major aggravation I would rather not have. Of course my daughter says "should have stayed with Nikon" and hastily adds I am not getting my old Nikon back that I gave her. Smart woman!


Carol Blackburn said...

Sorry to hear about your camera woes. All my digitals have given me problems. The last good camera I used (and still have, by the way) was my Samsung Maxima Zoom. I took this one on an overnight stay at a lighthouse which was being photographed by a free lance photographer for Yankee Magazine. He said my camera was better than what he had to use. Made me feel good.If I ever want to go back to 35mm film I can use the Samsung. it does make for excitement waiting for the prints to come back. Hope things get better for you real soon, Teresa. Good thoughts coming your way!

Red said...

Just think about the big education you're getting from this camera?

teresa stieben said...

Red I would rather be photographing birds than going through this educational experience. I did get out with my old 6pix Rebel yesterday afternoon to capture some feeder migrants in the park, it was cold yet enjoyable chatting with other bird buffs there.
Carol I am a digital convert. I don't have the patience to wait for film to be sent off for developing anymore.