Monday, April 18, 2011

Rebel Birds

In all reality the birds are not really the rebels, I am shooting with my old standby 6pix the original Canon Rebel that has to have been the best camera Canon made, being the first camera out in the Rebel line this one has been steadfast and true. It does need a cleaning as dust spots are showing in the images, but I am not going to test fate and the dust spots can stay for now for who knows how long it would be in-shop-for. Maybe I should go get a blower and attempt the cleaning myself.

Gerald took grumpy woman to the feeders in Hawrelec park on Sunday and patiently froze while crazy grumpy one got her bird photo pleasure and donned a beautiful, though slightly frozen smile. As you see the gulls are back and blend beautifully with the snow.
 The geese are asserting their dominance, either that or they are just complaining about the cold, ice an snow.
 Two other photographers were at the feeders and said I had just missed American tree sparrows, so we hung around and they did come back as this handsome bird shows.
 Chickadees are hard to photograph right now as they are busy playing chickadee dee tag.
 Male Downy woodpecker was coming in for suet as was the female below. A Hairy was present though I did not capture his portrait.

 Redpoles, male above and female below. Nice to get them so close up.
Big smiles and warm hugs to all, spread warmth and joy through out the day.


Carol Blackburn said...

All awesome shots, Teresa. Hope things are great with you.

Red said...

That was pretty successful even if you were grumpy. Maybe you should get grumpy more often if that's what it takes to get some good photos. You've covered the main early migrants.