Thursday, September 15, 2011

Edmonton Naturalists Garden Delights

The Edmonton Naturalists garden beheld delights of Goldfinches feeding, 
 Chipping Sparrows basking in the warm sun,
 and a flash of orange.
 There was also a variety of bugs, this one is sporting a funky stripped jacket and
this butterfly attire has become tattered.

 Above us a hawk surveying the garden and at 
my feet a Teeny tiny Tree Frog, what a delightful surprise.
 Gorgeous color of asters and seed heads.
 Seedpod patterns to delight the eye.
False dandelion. 
and a splash of aster blossom and seeds.


Carol Blackburn said...

All wonderful shots, Tess. Hope things are good with you.

Red said...

Certainly some awesome photography that brings delight to many others.