Monday, September 19, 2011

Sadness is

We went to collect my exhibition at Kerry Woods Nature Centre in Red Deer on saturday. It felt sad to take down the show, though it was wonderful to briefly visit friends as they came to retrieve their butterfly paintings. Initially the exhibition was up for the month of July though wonderfully was extended till last friday so many people were able to enjoy my take on Nature. One young woman complimented my art by saying she was happy to see wildlife art that is "vibrant and Not boring" I am glad to have brought some colour and joy into peoples lives.  As usual we did a small walk to the duck blind where dragonflies were abundant and a few ducks and coots still present.
 Muskrat swam by, don't you just love those sunlit ripples.
 Autumns golden pathway.
 Dragonfly or Darner?
 Two honking geese flew overhead.
Beautiful Coot, these birds are crazy and endearing I must really do a portrait of one soon.
Gorgeous spot of red, a delightful ladybug.

I love the Kerry Woods Nature Centre and Sanctuary. Its a wonderful stop point when we travel to Calgary. Tables out front by the parking lot make it a great place to picnic before taking a stroll around the lakes, though I must admit I have never made it all the way around the two lakes yet.

We decided to check out Bower Ponds in Red Deer as we've been informed it was a beautiful place.

 There are a few neat sculptures of beaver that look to be carved from red brick, how cool is that.
 Water trees dancing ripples.
 Fall flowers in bloom.
 Bleached Blossoms, these did not seem to be attracting the bees,
Though these ones continually had bees on them.
 Pesky photographer disturbing our nap, sheesh wheres a duck go for privacy these days!.
 Fountains contrast nicely with the yellowing leaves.
 Canada goos enjoying the pond amidst colourful reflections.
Three Amigos.
 Above the pond leaves exchange coats of green for sporty fall color.
Blue grass and blossoms, such a delightful park, hope you enjoyed the stroll.
Big hugs and Joy to you all!


Red said...

You really worked hard on this one. I didn't realize your show was still here.
Gaetz Lake Sanctuary and Bower ponds are two awesome spots.Right along the highway is Heritage Ranch. Skiers like to stop in the winter for a short ski as there are groomed trails there.

Gary Keimig said...

Great pixs